​​​​​Change your consciousness and you will change your spiritual life

​Through Spiritual Counseling, we will discover who we really are behind our conditioning, our façade and our behavior. We learn to be authentic and express our uniqueness. When we live from the authentic being that we are, we automatically fulfill our soul purpose for our life.

​A one hour telephone Session will be a tremendous help to everyone who has a open mind and truly wants spiritual growth.

​Spiritual Counseling offers you clear guidance to develop and heal your personality while being open to joy and spiritual inspiration of soul.

​Each one hour session offers new perspectives on spiritual growth on your spiritual journey.


​Spiritual Counseling and awareness is beneficial to everyone. No matter what age or education level.

​Your inner thoughts, fears, and desires shape who you are. By going to the source of all misfortune in your life, and redirecting that source, you can drastically change you life. All it takes is belief. Thoughout your Sessions you must be patient with your spiritual growth. There is no sense in rushing your spirit. If you desire a spiritual awakening, you will find it during one of our Sessions.

​More important than material things, more important than perfect spouse, or the perfect life, your Spirituality defines who you are. It is your belief which should guide you to its importance.

Through my spiritual counseling sessions, I will show you how to shift your identification to a more soul centered perspective.

​A private 50 minute telephone session (by appointment only)  is  $58.00 YOUR FIRST INTRODUCTORY SESSION IS $38.00.

Why are my rates so low? Because EVERYONEdeserves affordable access to guidance in their spiritual growth! As a Metaphysical minister for 15 years, I am fully aware of peoples spiritual needs - Counseling is one of them (This not religious counseling)!

I accept PayPal, Master Card, Visa and American Express at time of session.

​To schedule a private, confidential telephone session, contact me at DavidKemlerPhD@yahoo.com


Make sense of your life, the world around you and your spiritual journey.

​Today's movement towards the New Spirituality and high consciousness demands that we live the universal and human dimensions simultaneously. Bringing soul and it's enlightened consciousness into everyday practical living benefits all - ourselves, humanity and our planet.

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David's qualifications: -

Bachelors degree in Metaphysical Science from the University of Metaphysics (1998)

Doctor of Divinity from the University of Esoterica (2004)

Doctor of Philosophy in Spiritual Counseling from the Esoteric Interfaith Theological Seminary (2014)

​Member in Good Standing in the International Metaphysical Ministry

​Member of the in I.M.M.'s Counseling Psychology Association 

Ordained by the University of Metaphysics Seminary

​Ordained by the Esoteric Interfaith Church

​Certified Aromatherapist by Essence Journey

We must be aware and conscious of our self through our personality in order to develop higher conscious through spiritual growth. I will assist you clearly identify the following for yourself:

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  • ​​Intentional Manifestation
  • Your Personal Visions/Dreams
  • Healing your Emotional Scars
  • ​Establish regular meditation
  • Transformations
  • Entering Trance
  • Astral Projection
  • Connecting with the Higher Power
  • ​Revisiting the past
  • Conference of the spirit
  • ​Using your fears to your advantage 

The concepts in my telephone Spiritual Counseling Sessions may be unfamiliar or controversial. Your mind must be open to be able to draw upon themselves as their greatest resource through out a Session

​        David Kemler, PhD

Spiritual Counseling:​ Spiritual counseling is basic supportive counseling for a person's belief and value system; support of the essence of the person and facilitation of spiritual growth. The goal of Spiritual Counseling is to help you to find your spiritual self. Spiritual counselors are said to teach a Divine Understanding of Life that self-empowers you the individual eliminating the need for advice in many areas of your life.

​Although there is a Higher Power component to sessions, be mindful that the client can determine the depth and degree religion plays in their spiritual counseling sessions. 

David Officiates all ecclesiastical services.

(Weddings , Renewal Vows, Baby Namings, Memorial

​Services, Funerals, House and Business Blessings)